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Kathryn Werner

Short Sale Specialist
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About The Agent

Kathryn Werner brings with her an expansive amount of experience and success to David Kramer’s team. She graduated cum laude with a BA from UCLA and a MBA from USC and is well established in the real estate industry with over 18 years of experience, including an excellent record of over 1,400 closed deals.

Kathryn specializes in the handling of short sale negotiations. Over the past four years, she has dedicated herself to perfecting an innovative approach to the mitigation of tax implications and the release of deficiency balances. She is well connected with strong relationships at many major banks and upholds the privacy of her client as her number one value.

Kathryn’s role is unique in the fact that with respect to the short sale she is the sole handler of the negotiations from beginning to end, and with the combination of her abilities and the high end marketing and advertising capabilities of the David Kramer team, David can offer a rare value of strength in the short sale market that can only be found within the David Kramer team.

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